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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants are partnering with The CV & Interview Advisors, the UK’s highest quality provider of career-enhancement and personal branding services. They have many years’ of experience in creating highly authoritative personal branding collateral such as CVs and LinkedIn profiles for mid to senior level individuals. Whether you are looking for a new job, a Board advisory or NED position, an interim or contract role or simply a better LinkedIn profile to promote yourself or your business, The CV & Interview Advisors will provide a high-level service in keeping with the quality of service you would expect from CIMA.

CV Writing Services

CIMA member offers - 15% discount

It’s a well-known fact that only a small percentage of CVs hit the mark for recruiters and hiring managers. Using an innovative and proven methodology which incorporates global recruitment best practice, marketing principles and the psychology of reading documents, will will ensure your CV maximises your chances of securing interviews.

The Professional Level CV Writing Service is predicated on an in-depth 2 hour telephone-based fact-finding session which will help you to define your go-to-market pitch, personal brand, value proposition, key strengths, achievements, track record and career to date. Your new CV is then based around these selling points to create a powerful business case which explains why a future employer or client should hire you.

If you have no years’ work experience and are a recent graduate

£169.15 + VAT

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If you have 1-4 years’ work experience

£203.15 + VAT

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If you have 4-7 years’ experience

£228.65 + VAT

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If you have 7+ years’ experience

£254.15 + VAT

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Interview Coaching Services

CIMA member offers - 15% discount

The CV & Interview Advisors’ Interview Coaching Services are invaluable if you are serious about your career and want to maximise your ability to secure job offers.

Being a strong communicator and being comfortable in interviews is not enough when you are competing with other high-calibre candidates. It is important to know how to interpret questions correctly and structure your answers using effective communication frameworks.

Interview Training Workshop

We run a telephone based one-to-one interview coaching session for people who want to prepare thoroughly for an interview. During the one hour session, we will talk you through several quick-win but highly effective techniques that will improve your ability to: prepare for an interview; structure questions; avoid rambling; answer competency based questions; turn the interview into a sales presentation rather than a typical Q&A; and close the ‘sale’.

Having professional interview coaching is essential preparation and a proven way of maximising your chances of securing a job offer.

Mock Interviews

This is a quick and easy way to get some solid interview practice before you attend your interview. Using innovative technology, we can tailor an interview to any profession and competency framework and use our virtual interview platform to ask you the questions through your PC / laptop webcam or tablet device. Once you have been asked the questions and given your response, you are able to submit the interview to us to critique. The system records your interview (audio and video) so you can play-back your performance on your PC screen and one of our team will provide detailed verbal feedback on your performance.

Interview Training Workshop

£55.00 +VAT

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Mock Interview

£126.65 + VAT

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LinkedIn Writing Service

CIMA member offers - 20% discount

When was the last time you considered what your LinkedIn profile says about you? Did you know that 85% of hirers / recruiters will view your profile before making a hiring decision. It is an essential networking / job hunting tool so investing a small amount of money in having a profile professionally authored could give you the edge.

Our LinkedIn service requires a 90 minute fact-finding session with one of our Personal Branding Specialists to discuss your go-to-market pitch, personal brand, value proposition, key strengths, achievements, track record and career to date. Once this has been done, we can either provide the info in a Word document or with your consent, make the changes inside your account.

LinkedIn profile after having CV written

£79.00 + VAT

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LinkedIn profile without having a CV written

£199.00 + VAT

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