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Join The CV & Interview Advisors; international speakers and thought-leaders on all things related to Personal Branding, for an exclusive live webinar on personal branding and using marketing techniques to succeed in the executive job market.

The executive market requires a more dynamic approach to maximise opportunities and remuneration. At the senior end of the market, stakes are higher and employers need to do more thorough due diligence; by applying leading edge marketing principles, harnessing an understanding of psychology and aligning self-marketing collateral with global executive recruitment best practice, we have developed a number of methodologies that are innovative and highly effective in the senior market.

This 60 min webinar aimed at senior professionals and executives will cover:

  • What is Personal Branding and how is it relevant to you
  • How to use marketing techniques to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to transform your CV into a powerful business case
  • How to up your game on LinkedIn and network more effectively
  • How to use advanced interview techniques to drive higher remuneration
  • How to use thought-leadership to develop your industry profile

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Webinar presenter: Alistair Morris

Alistair's role within The CV & Interview Advisors is to act as their lead CV and LinkedIn profile appraiser - he has reviewed over 20000 CVs for individuals across all sectors to date - and to manage relationships with its wide variety of webinar partners, which include leading chartered institutes, job boards and recruitment businesses. His experience includes: several years in the corporate world, primarily in a variety of sales and operations roles; several years working within the executive search industry, both permanent and contract sectors; and several years working for The CV & Interview Advisors. Alistair is passionate about providing individuals with valuable insight into how their critical Personal Branding tools – primarily their CV and LinkedIn profile - are really used by recruiters and hiring managers.