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Industry experience makes the difference

We have years of experience in creating CVs for Public Sector workers and we have career coaches who specialise in this area of CV writing.

We understand the unique culture and terminology used within the public sector and have extensive knowledge of the hot skills and KPIs that drive success.

We have written CVs at all levels including Service Heads and Chief Executives of Local Authorities.

Experts writing for you

We also have extensive experience of transitioning Public Sector employees into the private / commercial sector; there are of course significant challenges to overcome regardless of how strong your CV is, but the process we take you through will allow you to clarify your career goals and create a realistic and achievable career strategy.

Once we have helped you gain an element of clarity with regards to your career goals, we then define the hot skills within your chosen profession so that your CV is tailored around the needs of your target audience.

The next phase is all about working with you to define your value proposition and blueprint for success. Once we have defined these ‘skills / abilities’, we discuss key events in your career and help you to communicate success through tangible and statistical evidence.

Showcase your talent

We discuss your career history in detail and make sure we understand exactly what each role entailed. Once we have collated all this information, we are then able to author a highly effective CV which communicates your value proposition, blueprint for success, key skills, career highlights, achievements and career history. What you end up with is a hard hitting business case as to why someone should hire you.

Find out more about our CV Writing Services and see which one best suits your needs and level of experience.

To order one of our services click below or for more information about our credentials in this area, please contact us on 01274 408 222 or email: info@cvandinterviewadvisors.co.uk

Why Choose Us

  • Our team have all been senior professionals in their own careers
  • Our team have deep knowledge of recruitment, HR and industry
  • Our CV & LinkedIn methodologies are based on extensive research - we know what works in the real world
  • Professional bodies including IPSE, ACCA, CIMA, BCS, CIPR, CIPFA and many recruitment related businesses recommend us
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients are happy to endorse us

Our guarantee to you

We will keep working on your CV until you are 100% happy and if at the end you are not, we will refund your money.

Matthew Craven

Matthew Craven, Managing Director

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