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What’s in the programme?

  1. 21 detailed and industry-leading written guides on every career related topic you can think of. This is effectively the definitive bible to executive job hunting and advancing your career.
  2. 30 mins 1-2-1 with an experienced Executive Career Coach / CV Expert / LinkedIn Expert / Interview Coach (you can choose what you want to talk about and we will listen and help).
  3. An entire morning's workshop, working in a group (remotely) to build your Executive CV, step-by-step with the help of an expert. Learn the methodology that is getting some Executives a 500% increase in recruitment activity. You'll receive the same training that our team of talented CV writers go through.
  4. An entire morning's workshop, working in a group (remotely) to build your LinkedIn profile, step-by-step with the help of an expert. You'll receive the same training that our team of talented LinkedIn writers go through.
  5. 1-2-1 detailed CV and LinkedIn critique once you have created them. This will be detailed and specific to you and will involve a 15 - 20 minute discussion via telephone.
  6. Access to a one hour, on demand and Executive-level interview coaching session. Learn the interviewing secrets that Executives use to drive superior job offer rates.
  7. Access to a one hour, on demand presentation on using LinkedIn to nurture relationships with decision makers.
  8. Invitation to, and participation in, a live Executive-level Q&A sessions on mastering interviews. You can log in to a group Q&A session with other fellow job seekers to help prepare for interviews.
  9. Access to our award-winning practice interview platform where you can sit real life interviews, answer the questions and see yourself in action.

Total value over £480 + Vat reduced to just £129 + Vat

At the end of the programme, you will have created a high impact and interview-generating Executive CV and a high-impact LinkedIn profile that will help you stand out from the crowd. You will also have learnt some advanced interview coaching strategies that will drive senior job offers.

Once you have ordered, you will receive instructions via email on how to access all of your resources. The remote workshops and live sessions will be arranged for late December and early January. Of course, as with all group sessions, these will be at certain dates and times and it will be up to you to make arrangements to be able to attend.

Your 21 detailed and industry-leading written guides:

  1. How to write a killer CV profile / summary
  2. How to use case studies in your CV
  3. How to optimise your CV’s Career History
  4. How to optimise your CV for search engines / ATS’
  5. How to use active voice and power words
  6. How to write a CV if you’re and Interim / Contractor
  7. How to write a CV if you are a new Graduate
  8. How to write a CV if you are a Returner-to-work
  9. The most common mistakes made in interview
  10. Handling competency based interviews
  11. Using advanced communication frameworks in interview
  12. Using sales techniques in interview
  13. Expert guide on advanced interview preparation
  14. How to use the Career Autobiography Framework
  15. How to answer difficult / tricky interview questions
  16. The hidden job market – truths and myths
  17. Managing relationships with recruitment agencies
  18. Writing an effective LinkedIn profile
  19. Handling salary and daily rate negotiations
  20. How to proactively ‘rise through the ranks’
  21. Health & nutrition affecting productivity
  22. Example CVs / templates

"Never before have I read such detailed and helpful advice on how to impress a hiring manager / recruitment company with my CV. I work in sales, but so far I haven’t realised that it is crucial to use the same effective sales techniques in a CV. Thank you for this wonderful resource!"

Matt Craven, Managing Director

Matt Craven

Matt is Managing Director of The CV & Interview Advisors and The Career Enhancement Network and has been in the Personal Branding / Career Enhancement business for many years. Matt began his career in sales, soon progressing to Sales & Operations Manager before moving into recruitment with Europe's leading specialist recruitment provider. He has recruited into many sectors from junior contract recruitment through to senior executive headhunting and everything in between. Matt's recruitment career culminated in a senior management role, responsible for multiple divisions and large teams across London. In 2006, Matt took 'the leap' and set up The CV & Interview Advisors. He has become a well-known and well respected thought-leader within the world of Personal Branding and has developed a number of unique frameworks that have resulted in partnerships with leading organisations such as IPSE, CIMA, ACCA, CIPFA, BCS, BECTU and many others. Clients include leading brands such as London Business School and Deloitte who recently described The CV & Interview Advisors as world class providers of personal branding services.

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