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  • Professionals who invest in a pro CV increase interviews by 50%: Some of our clients have reported a 500% increase in recruitment activity after having their CV written. This is because we use marketing principles in our CVs and ensure that the content is perfectly aligned with the needs and wants of your future employers.
  • Professionals who invest in a pro CV increase salary by 33%: By transforming your CV into a powerful business case, you will be able to prove to a potential employer that you can deliver better return on investment (ROI) than the next person. Employers want ROI from the salary that they are paying you.
  • Professionals who invest in a pro CV perform better in interviews: By transforming your CV into a powerful business case, you will have much more ammo to use in an interview. The very process of having your CV professionally written opens your mind to all the great things you have done in your career.
  • Contractors who invest in a pro CV win more work at better rates: Some of our Contractor clients have described it as a 'game changer' but the fact remains that as a Contractor, you are a business; what business goes to market with home-made marketing materials? (your CV is your prime piece of marketing collateral).
  • 92% of shortlisting decisions are based on the CV: This might sound obvious but keep in mind that your CV is all you have to sell yourself; a great candidate with a weak CV is not going to get results. If your CV doesn't tell the hiring manager how good you are, how will they know?
  • 80% of CVs are either weak or need improvement: This is a quote from a senior manager in one of the UK's leading recruitment businesses that specialises in qualified accountants. The interesting point here is that most people think their CV is pretty good.....but the recruiters don't!!
  • Investing in a CV costs circa 1% of your annual income: There are lots of things you could spend your money on but you spend 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, 47 weeks of the year until you retire! That's a lot of time at work, so what could be more important?
  • Buying a pro CV is not expensive: The average builder, plumber, electrician or even tree surgeon charges up to £300 per day and good CV writers are no different. We have talented CV writers who spend approx 7 hours on each CV so is £300 really expensive?
  • CV Writers are talented professionals: At least ours are. We have professionals who have been in the following roles: Head of Sales for a FTSE100, Managing Director, Senior HR Manager, IT Project Manager, Deloitte Consultant, IBM Consultant, Operations Director, Recruitment Business Owner, PhD Educated Career Consultant, Executive Headhunter, Research Scientist, CEO, Training Director and many more.
  • We'll give you a great deal: Order from this page and we'll reduce the price of our CV and LinkedIn service from £398 + Vat to just £299 + Vat. That's a £118.80 discount that won't be around for ever so order below asap before this page disappears.
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  • Our team have all been senior professionals in their own careers
  • Our team have deep knowledge of recruitment, HR and industry
  • Our CV & LinkedIn methodologies are based on extensive research - we know what works in the real world
  • Professional bodies including IPSE, ACCA, CIMA, BCS, CIPR, CIPFA and many recruitment related businesses recommend us
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients are happy to endorse us

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We will keep working on your CV until you are 100% happy and if at the end you are not, we will refund your money.

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